Free Trading Webinars | TigerWit | A Global Trading Platform

Learn About the Market for Free with Our Exclusive Webinars

TigerWit has developed a series of free and exclusive webinars to help traders of all levels understand every move the market makes and how they could benefit.

Our key speakers will guide you through key economic events taking place, teach you how to use essential trading tools to your advantage and explain tried and tested trading strategies that may benefit you in the market.

Our 3 levels of webinars are as following:

  • Beginners – Recommended to anyone new to the market

  • Intermediate – For traders with more than one year’s experience

  • Expert – Seasoned traders and market experts

Whilst we offer these levels, our webinar series is open to all and you have the flexibility to change between levels to build your trading knowledge.

If you would like to take part in any of these free webinars, or watch recordings of previous webinars, simply register here and your personal account manager will be in touch with your invitation.